Globe and Mail Questions to Gary Bettman on Concussions

On head shots and concussions:

“I believe that [new] Rule 48 has been effective in dealing with lateral or blindside hits where the head is the primary point of contact. We’re still seeing more concussions than we’d like. We have a very strong history going back to the late ’90s of being pro-active on injuries, in particular concussions by doing, among other things, base-line testing. We need to continue to focus on this and see what we can do to eliminate, as much as possible, concussions from the game, acknowledging that there is a physical element to our game, so that there will undoubtedly be some level of concussions.”

On the theory that it requires a concussion to the likes of star Sidney Crosby to initiate action:

“I don’t buy that characterization. In fact, in his case it was a collision. It didn’t violate Rule 48. It didn’t fit within any other criterion of what would get punished or suspended. That was a consequence of a physical game… As long as body contact is encouraged, and our game is played at a high rate of speed, then you’re going to have some concussions.”

I personally stated over a year ago on Off the Record that it would take a super star player to get hurt to make change and it has happened, but what about all the other palyers along the way. Booth, Toews, Lindros, Primeau, and now Savard; one is too many! Help us through education. Please go to and learn more today about the cause, the effect and consequences of concussions and what we can do to reduce them.


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