Good chance that Crosby will miss the All-Star Game

The NHL is on the verge of suffering a major blow as it’s looking more and more like Sidney Crosby will miss this year’s All-Star Game, which is taking place the weekend of January 30 at North Carolina. Not only is the Pittsburgh Penguins’ power forward still feeling the ill- effects of a concussion, but apparently he is also not happy with the NHL for not suspending either Washington Capitals’ forward, David Steckel, or Tampa Bay Lightning’s defenceman, Victor Hedman, for their hits. Crosby, who leads the NHL with 66 points and was the leading vote getter among fans, was blunt a couple of weeks ago when he came out and said that the NHL must do a better job at protecting players from head injuries. This is something that, not surprisingly, his agent, Pat Brisson, agrees on as well. “I firmly believe the Steckel hit was what propelled the concussion,” Brisson said. “But you didn’t have the symptoms [of a concussion] coming out until three or four days later. All he (Crosby) thought he had at first was a sore neck.” Word out of Pittsburgh is that if Crosby pulls out of all-star weekend he won’t say it’s due to any kind of league protest. According to Brisson, Crosby, who as of Monday night has missed five games, is still feeling the symptoms of the concussion and would not, as of yet, commit one way or the other on the all-star game. “He’s progressing well but he has to be symptom-free before he resumes any physical activity,” Brisson said. “He says he feels better, but he’s not there yet.”
Crosby, who didn’t play in the all-star game a couple of years ago due to a knee injury, suffered the concussion at the Outdoor Game on January 1, when Steckel blind sided him late in the second period. On January 6 Crosby was hit from behind, into the glass, by Hedman. Again no suspensions were given out to either player. “If you accidentally hit someone on the head, you should be suspended for a game.,” Brisson said. ” It makes it easier on everyone if there is a penalty and a suspension. Players will be more careful.”


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