Brown suspended three games after Jovanovski hit

Toronto Maple Leafs forward, Mike Brown, wasn’t going to dispute his punishment even though he didn’t necessarily agree with Colin Campbell’s ruling. Brown was recently handed a three game suspension by league disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, for his Thursday night hit which caught Phoenix Coyotes’ defenceman, Ed Jovanovski, in the head. “It’s what it is,” said Brown who is in his fourth year. I can’t complain about anything I got. There’s nothing I can do about it now. Obviously, anything is a surprise to me — whatever games I got — but it’s what they called and I can’t change that.” Brown, who insists that the hit was an accident, was playing his first game since breaking his finger back on December 1 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. With the league coming down hard on head shots this season Brown becomes the fourth player to be handed a suspension. He joins the list of offenders, which includes Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes) who was suspended for three games, Joe Thornton (San Jose Sharks) who was banned for two games and Matt Martin (New York Islanders) who got a two game holiday. The hit occurred when Jovanovski was bent over and lunging for the puck. “It was an accident,” said Brown, whose Leafs lost 5-1 in Phoenix. I’m not out to intentionally hurt anyone, especially him. He’s well-respected and there’s no way I would intentionally go and elbow or hit him with a shoulder to the head.” Ironically Brown who can return on January 22 against the Washington Capitals wasn’t penatalized on the play. “The refs didn’t make any call and I figured it was just a clean hit, Brown said. After they reviewed it, they came up with their (ruling). That’s what it is.”

“It was just a physical play, a hockey play and just the heat of the moment.”


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