Team Russia Kicked Off Their Flight Home

A day after Russia pulled off the biggest upset in the World Junior Hockey Championship, they made headlines only this time for all the wrong reasons. According to an airline spokesperson from the Buffalo airport, about 30 members of the Russian team were asked on Thursday morning to get off their Delta Air Lines flight which was bound for Atlanta. According to the team’s spokesman Mikhail Zislis, the airline kicked the players off due to unruly behaviour. Something that Zislis strongly disputed. “I don’t think it was fair,” he said. “They (Delta crew) didn’t want to listen to us.” Despite his protests the team won’t be flying back until Friday which happens to be Russia’s Christmas. Right after winning gold, Zislis insisted that the team celebrated with nothing stronger than champagne. Still television cameras filmed the players whooping it up and hollering at their hotel bar. When they made their way to the airport bus at approximately 3:10 a.m. on Thursday morning they were according to the bus driver very drunk. “They were definitely intoxicated, that’s for sure,” bus driver Curtis Hall, who drove the Russians from the Adam’s Mark hotel to the airport said. “They were so drunk they had to carry a couple of the guys onto the bus.” Approximately three hours later when they were kicked off the plane Delta spokeswoman Susan Chana told the media, “To ensure the safe operation of the flight, the crew of Flight 1266 denied boarding to 30 passengers who were traveling together and displaying unruly behavior. “The passengers are being rebooked on a future flight.”


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