Sean Avery Leading the NHL in All-Star Text Voting

A rather curious trend has occurred among hockey fans when it comes to text voting for whom they would like to see in the upcoming 2011 NHL All-Star Game. As opposed to the highly skilled offensive players leading the pack, fans have shown more love towards character players such as New York Rangers super pest Sean Avery who currently leads the league with 72,392 text votes. Besides for Avery and his 15 points, another curious name doing well is Carolina Hurricanes forward Chad LaRose who with 71,184 is third on the list behind Avery and Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Kris Letang. Curiously LaRose who has six goals and 12 points has received more votes than elite scorers around the league such as the Washington Capitals Nicklas Backstrom and the Rangers Marian Gaborik and Tampa Bay Lightning’s Martin St.Louis. Right behind LaRose is Philadelphia Flyers tough guy Jody Shelley who with only one goal and three points shouldn’t with all due respect be in fourth place with 25,774 text votes. So far 12 players around the league have received at least 10,000 votes. In another head scratcher Sidney Crosby who leads all players with 464,832 votes has accumulated only 23,145 text votes. Curious when you consider that he leads the league with 28 goals and 58 points.

text voting leaders
1. Sean Avery, Rangers – 72,392
2. Kris Letang, Penguins – 71,184
3. Chad LaRose, Hurricanes – 71,184
4. Jody Shelley, Flyers – 25,774
5. Jaroslav Halak, Blues – 24,955
6. Sidney Crosby, Penguins – 23,145
7. Sergei Bobrovsky, Flyers – 19,897
8. Marc-Andre Fleury, Penguins – 16,174
9. Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks – 14,858
10. Duncan Keith, Blackhawks – 12,862


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