Adenhart’s Killer Sentenced to 51 Years in Prison

Justice was served on Wednesday when 24 year-old Andrew Gallo was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison for the April 9, 2009 drunk driving crash which killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Rick Adenhart along with two other people. With the victim’s family and friends crying in the courtroom, prosecutors pointed out that Gallo’s blood/alcohol levels were three times the legal limit at the time of his costly decision to speed through a red light at an Orange County intersection before crashing head on into Adenhart’s car. As fate would have it Adenhart made a huge impression hours before with the Angels by throwing six scoreless innings at Angel Stadium against the Oakland A’s. Also losing their lives in the accident were 20 year-old Courtney Stewart and 25 year-old Henry Pearson. Gallo, who apparently spent hours drinking at different bars that night was found guilty of three counts of second degree murder and single counts of drunk driving, hit and run driving under the influence of alcohol and causing bodily injury. “His conduct showed a complete disregard for the safety of others,” Deputy District Attorney Susan Price said in court papers filed before the hearing. Meanwhile Gallo’s attorney Jacqueline Goodman insisted that Gallo never wanted to hurt anyone and that the original plan was for his stepbrother to be the designated driver that night. Those plans quickly changed when the stepbrother also got drunk that night.


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