Stolen Property of Pat Burns

The words selfish and unforgiving came to my mind when I read on Tuesday afternoon that the widow of Pat Burns had her car broken into. While breaking into a car or a house is obviously a selfish act what’s worse is that it was committed a day after Burns’ funeral. Stolen from the vehicle was Burns collection of official NHL signed sweaters along with Burns’ wallet. What’s really disgusting is that those who committed this act obviously knew whose car it was. “They went through his stuff,” Constable Annie Lemieux said. “The person who left with the shirts and everything knows that this is Pat Burns’ stuff.” Also stolen were some valuable family pictures, an i Pod and jewelry. Burns’ cousin Robin used the media to plead with the thieves to drop the stuff off at a television or radio station and no questions will be asked. “I’d only say to anyone listening, if you think you can sell them or do anything about them, then I think the police and the policeman’s brotherhood and friends of Pat might have different ideas.” Burns who coached the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils died on November 19 of lung cancer. Apparently when the incident took play it was somewhere between midnight and 9 a.m. on Tuesday.


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