Ladislav Smid Speaks Out about Avery Incident

Edmonton Oilers defenceman Ladislav Smid didn’t exactly mince words on Friday when he talked about his ugly incident with New York Rangers agitator Sean Avery. During the third period of a game the Rangers was winning 5-2, the fireworks began right after Avery hit Oilers forward Colin Fraser into the boards. Even though it was a clean hit Smid who doesn’t mind dropping his gloves challenged Avery to a fight and that’s where things turned ugly. Smid, who has three assists in 16 games this year looked to have turned away after challenging Avery and in that very instant was punched by Avery. On Friday Smid who suffered a concussion from that punch revealled what happened that night between the two. “I asked him if he wanted to go, he said ‘Next shift,’ so I kind of half-turned and then he went after me,” Smid said. “A little bit of a cheap play but I should be smarter than that. I should expect that, especially from him.” This stemmed more fireworks which resulted in 124 penalty minutes. Smid who said that he was just trying to stand up for a teammate by going after Avery claimed that his head is fine but that he still has a sore neck. He is targetting next Tuesday against the Phoenix Coyotes for coming back. Even though Avery has a bad boy reputation around the league not everyone was taking Smid’s side on what happened. “I didn’t mind it,” Vancouver Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows said. “I don’t really like Ladislav either so I thought it was pretty good thing that somebody gave it to him.”


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