What Happened to Kane’s Puck

Approximately five months after experiencing the joy and satisfaction of winning the Stanley Cup, an unsolved question still remains unanswered for the Chicago Blackhawks. Heading into the second week of November management still don’t know what happened to the puck used by Patrick Kane to score what was the Cup winning overtime goal against the Philadelphia Flyers. “If I had the puck, obvioulsy, it’s a big puck, I would tell the organization,” former Hawk and current Atlanta Thrahsers forward Ben Eager said. “I got a couple of texts from the front office asking if I had it. I told them no, so I don’t.” Eager who admitted to keeping the Game five puck was being accused in a joking manner by Kane as having the missing puck. “I think they were just pushing the blame on me,” Eager said. “You know, ‘Blame it on Eager because he’s out of town.” Eager who has a goal and three points in 14 games this year had a running feud with Flyers defenceman Chris Pronger last spring after he apparently grabbed the puck after a Blackhawks game two victory and threw it away. Eager’s final comments about the missing Game six puck was “I’m sure Kaner or the Hall of Fame is looking for it. Pronger probably threw it in the garbage or something.”


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