Brian McGratton vs. Chris Neil

After what Boston Bruins’ forward, Brian McGrattan, said on Monday, there is no doubt that hockey fans will want to circle November 13 on their calenders. McGrattan, who is a fourth line enforcer, had some choice words for his former Ottawa Senators’ teammate, Chris Neil, who last Saturday night initiated a fight against Bruins’ Dennis Seidenberg, who is a non-fighter. “That’s typical — Chris Neil,” said McGrattan, who played in Ottawa with Neil from 2005/06 until 2007/08. “I had to protect that guy for three years when I was there. He’d do something and I’d have to fight all his battles for him the next time we’d play a team, after he’s does something stupid. It doesn’t surprise me.” Neil, who got an additional two minutes for roughing, along with the five for fighting, had the fight with his Senators down 4-0 late in the game. He ended up to get the best of Seidenberg, who emerged from the altercation with a deep cut over his left eye. “He’ll do something where he knows he’ll get kicked out of the game and won’t have to come back and fight anybody,” McGratton said. “I’ve been around him long enough to know he does that. Then I’m the one who usually has to fight his battles the nest time. — It’s typical.” Fans will want to circle November 13, as the Senators next meet the Bruins in Boston.


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