Tyler Bozak Struggles

Toronto Maple Leafs first line sophomore forward Tyler Bozak showed a great deal of mental toughness when asked on Friday about being benched in a tough 2-1 loss the night before against the New York Rangers. This 24 year-old, who is coming off a stellar rookie season of eight goals and 27 points in only 37 games has been a constant fixure on the first scoring line but has yet to score a goal. Bozak who has three assist in the young season suffered an all -time low against the Rangers when he was benched for the third period. “Some nights you’re not going to have it and it’s my job to elevate other guys who deserve the opportunity to play if someone’s struggling a little bit,” Wilson who gave Bozak only two minutes of ice time in the third period said. “But I’m confident he’ll bounce right back.” Instead of sulking or saying something to the press out of anger Bozak showed lots of maturity by not blaming his coach and accepting the situation while promising to learn from it. When asked afterwards about his reaction of being benched Bozak replied “We’re a line that’s supposed to go out there and get a lot of points and score a lot of goals and we haven’t been doing that so I think that’s the right thing for him (Wilson) to do,” Bozak who played half of last year with the Toronto Marlies of the OHL said. “It’s never something you want to do but sometimes it’s a good way to get a message through. I was the guy that learned the lesson last night and I’ll come back hard and ready to play (Saturday.)”


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