Bryan Murray Singles out Alex Kovalev

Approximately 24 hours after Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray declared that he’s ready to shake up his roster, Murray went one step further by singling out veteran forward Alex Kovalev for criticism. “Not very good,” Murray said when asked to appraise Kovalev’s play. “It looks like his skating isn’t where it was last year. I think there’s lingering effects maybe from the surgery he had. I’m hoping that’s part of it and, as time goes on, he gets going.” In the last year of a two year 10 million dollar contract Kovalev, who is 37 years-old has not lived up to expectations. Last year in 77 games Kovalev scored a very modest 18 goals and 49 points which were a far cry from his numbers the year before when he netted 26 goals and 65 points with the Montreal Canadiens. Recently Kovalev who has only one assist on the season has been moved to the fourth line where he is playing with Ryan Shannon and Jesse Winchester. These are two players not exactly known for scoring goals. So far Kovalev isn’t worried about his lack of production or being called out by his GM. “I’m working and trying to get better,” Kovalev who has 412 goals and 991 points in his career said. “It’s not always working the way you want, but I’m going to just keep trying and things will start working. It’s the same thing for our team. There’s ups and downs during the season. Hopefully, that down part is happening now.”


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