Rick Rypien is Punished for His Actions

Not surprisingly the NHL didn’t waste any time in suspending Vancouver Canucks enforcer Rick Rypien after he committed the ultimate sin of professional sports which of course is getting physical with the fans. A frustrated Rypien, who was assessed a double minor for roughing along with a 10 minute misconduct skated off the ice towards the dressing room when suddenly he lost his cool and violently grabbed a fan wearing a Minnesota Wild shirt. At the time Vancouver was losing to the Wild in what was a one sided game when Rypien who already has 19 penalty minutes in three games got into trouble. “We’ll let things unfold from here,” Canucks coach Alain Vigneault said. “I’m going to save my comments until after the league does their investigation and comes up with a decision.” According to Bob Mckenzie of TSN the hearing can come as early as Friday. “If I were to handicap this, I would say five or six games would be the low end, seven or eight games would be the medium and nine or 10 would be if he really gets hammered,” McKenzie said. Apparently the fan who was grabbed is not taking this lightly as it’s been reported that he is currently seeking a lawyer and tends to press charges. “I was just standing up and applauding as he was getting kicked out,” the fan said. “He was out of control. And then I said, ‘Way to be professional,’ and he obviously didn’t care for that comment and decided to grab me and almost dragged me over the rail.”


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