Horcoff Gives Hall Some Good Advice

Despite getting off to a 2-1 start and seeing lots of raw potential from their top rated rookies Edmonton Oilers’ veteran, Shawn Horcoff, wasn’t the least bit hesitant in providing some constructive criticism towards one of those rookies — Taylor Hall. Taken first last year in the June draft Hall has registered an assist and an impressive +2 rating, but according to Horcoff is hurting the team by staying out on the ice to long. “His shifts are too long,” said Horcoff, who is in his tenth season. “And he has to come back deeper for the puck to open up more ice. You have to overwork to get more ice. He’s taking off too quickly — and the defencemen are right there — but that’s the NHL. These things will come. He wants it so badly, so he stays out there because he wants to make something happen.” So far, after a couple of games, Hall who is only 18, is taking on average a 50 second shift. That is approximately three or four seconds longer than both Horcoff and Sam Gagner, who average the second longest shifts on the Oilers at 47 seconds. Horcoff, with two goals and three points, is off to a great start. He praised both Hall and Eberle for being fast learners and are eager to do well. “The big thing is to let them be creative and use their strengths, but the biggest thing I have to show them is positional play,” Horcoff said. “The best players, like Daniel and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks, are always so supportive of one another. They play the game the right way — give-and- goes — breaking for open ice. They`re always open for a reason. It`s the Sedins` best skill. We have to learn to feed off one another.”


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