James Wisniewski Rude Gesture Will Cost Him

New York Islanders defenseman, James Wisniewski, made news for absolutely all the wrong reasons on Monday against the New York Rangers when he was caught making an inappropriate hand gesture to Rangers super pest, Sean Avery, during the opening period. Wisniewski and Avery began exchanging verbal jabs during a stoppage in play, when suddenly the defenceman brought his hand up, and while looking right at Avery, made an x rated gesture, which was picked up by the cameras. When approached, after what was a 6-4 Islanders win, Wisniewski claimed that he didn’t remember doing what he did, which infuriated Avery. “It`s pretty obvious what the guy was doing”, Avery said. “but I`m sure nothing will happen to him because nothing ever does. It`s interesting, he`s getting a warning for something like that. Can you imagine if I did that? They sent me to rehab the last time I did something. It`s crazy.” By sheer coincidence League Commissioner, Gary Bettman, was in attendance and heard second hand about the gesture, but didn`t see it happen. “My guess is hockey operations will do what needs to be done,” Bettman said. “Ì don`t react to things that are described to me.”


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