Sheldon Souray Not Invited to Camp

Veteran defenseman Sheldon Souray and his current team the Edmonton Oilers are a perfect example of how time can in fact heal all wounds. Five months ago when the Edmonton Oilers were cleaning out their lockers after finishing last overall with only 62 points, Souray didn’t hold back in criticizing management. At the time this 34 year-old who only played in 37 games due to various injuries believed that he was forced back into the line-up before fully recovering last year from a concussion and a serious shoulder injury. After criticizing the organization and demanding a trade Souray found himself still an Oiler on Monday and unlike in April was full of optimism about the Oilers. “Things that I said, that’s five months ago,” Souray who scored 13 points and was a -19 last season said after skating with some teammates at Rexall Centre. “We are in a completely different spot now and there is a lot of optimism. We’ve got some good young players coming in and they are going to need a healthy environment. It’s up to the guys to provide that for them. I’ve got a little bit of experience and you just try to lend that.” Souray stressed that a large part of his anger was due to missing more than half the season due and not being able to help his team make the playoffs. Heading into camp Souray is now healthy and singing a different tune. Only time however will tell if his relationship with former coach Pat Quinn can be patched up. “I’m one of If you have one guy sitting over there who doesn’t bloody well want to be here, how do you build trust? Sheldon knows how I feel about that sort of thing.” Quinn said. There are still two years and nine million dollars worth on the veteran’s contract. Only time will tell if he remains an Oiler. “Everybody is having fun out there, things are going to start to get serious in a few days, but for now it’s really good to get back and see the guys and just catch up a little bit and I’m looking forward to catching up more in the future.”


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