Jason Smith in Trouble

The details are sketchy at this time but it’s been reported that former NHL defenseman, Jason Smith, who enjoyed a 15 tear career, is facing a domestic assault charge, along with confinement, dealing with an incident that happened at his Calgary headquarters on the night of August 10. Smith will be going to trial on September 17 for these charges, which stem from him apparently assaulting his wife and daughter, along with confining his wife in a seperate incident. “The charges, read strictly, just like all criminal law, seem cold, and conjure up all sorts of images that the public may want to embellish upon,” Smith’s lawyer, Alain Hepner, said. “That’s the way it is, especially with people with some notoriety.” “There’s two sides of the story and we’ll deal with it at the appropriate time. Everybody wants the best for Jason and the family.” At this time, Smith, who was freed on $1000.00 bail, cannot be around his wife, two daughters or his wife’s parents, who come from nearby Strathmore Alberta. Other restrictions include, not being able to drink any alcohol, be in pocession of any weapons or visit his other home in Greely Ontario. During his career Smith played for the New Jersey Devils, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators, before retiring on September 2, 2009. For his career Smith scored 41 goals, 128 assists and 1,099 penalty minuntes in only 1,008 games.


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