Another Fight Scare

Even after Garrett Klotz survived a scary on ice incident, that easily could have turned tragic, this Philadelphia Phantoms’, American Hockey League, forward still strongly believes that fighting should remain in hockey.

Approximately a week ago, Klotz was involved in a fight with Manchester’s Kevin Westgarth, that at the end saw his body go into violent convulsions, after being repeatedly hit in the head with some violent blows.

“I know the risks that I’m taking when I go out there and I’m willing to take the risk,” Klotz said on Thursday. “It’s not too often that this happens.”

Since that fight, along with the death of a senior hockey player in Whitby, Dunlops’ defenceman, Don Sanderson, there has been plenty of debate about whether or not fights should be abolished in hockey.

Klotz, who is known for his aggressive play, has made it clear that he doesn’t want this isolated incident to determine whether rules are changed or not.

Once at the hospital, doctors couldn’t determine what caused the seizures. After a few days of rest, he was given the green light to resume training with his team.

“I had CT scans, and MRI’s done and everything came back normal,” the 20 year-old said. “It’s looking clear, and hopefully it never happens again.” 

“I’m just going to take it slowly and see how I feel, until I’m fully prepared to get back on the ice, and do what I do.”

Going forward, Klotz commented that the sooner he is cleared to play the better. He admitted to being scared, but knows that he can’t allow it to be a barrier from playing his aggressive style of play. 



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