Bravo Marco!!!!!

Today is a big game against Ingolstadt, as the Scopions are riding high at the top. After a week of getting ready for an important weekend, Hans Zach has his team focused.

There have been a few distractions with newspapers writing stuff that just doesn’t make any sense and what everyone seems to forget, it is a lot easier to build a winning team in the Oberliga than it is in the DEL. Hats off to Marco Stichnoth!!!!!! He has battled the Indians reputation for 10 years and I would like the city of Hannover and all true Hockey Fans to stand up and give him credit. He has been consistent and true to his word. It is easy to criticize but it takes courage to stand up and say well done Marco. Everyone knows he is my friend and everyone knows I played for the Indians and I love the Indians and their fans. But I am a hockey player and a true hockey fan and I take nothing a way from the new management of the Indians or Joe West and Kent Todd, full marks for their success and they deserve it, but is it not time to give the Scorpions their due. They are in first place in a much more competative league as the Indians have three real teams to play hockey against, while the Scorpions have ten.

I think all Hannover hockey fans should be proud for what they have, two very good hockey clubs. I think it is about time to stop the silliness and just celebrate the game of hockey and let us all Indians and Scorpions fans enjoy what we have for the moment; we could be in Duisburg or Herner fans!


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